Where did the Worldmap go?

i wish we had the old map also … much more clear where you fly and small towns. Was great to use on longer if flights to see what i flew over … now only the VFR map … and that can not be used easily like i did ( to sightsee )

Same for me the old map I felt was really beneficial to see your location.

Was the world map provided by OpenStreetMap?
I wonder why they removed it, if it’s a license issue.

What specifically are you missing from the old World map? The old World map and the new VFR map are both in part powered by data from OpenStreetMap.

The one thing I know is not in the VFR map is country border, but we think the FIRs provide essentially the same thing.



Hi Stephen,
Many thanks for your reply. I miss the old world map very much indeed. It was so easy and convenient to see where I’m flying over, and comparing to where I was in real life.
The new map is just not as good, I think, and would really wish to have the old one back. I know that a world map is not necessary to navigate on a flight simulator, bit is was just such a nice add-on.

My best regards

Again, why is the new one not easy and convenient? Please be more specific than “not as good”.

Here is the old world map:

Here is the new VFR map with some navigation info removed from map layers:


I wondered the same thing about world map missing until I stumbled upon another post here about filtering map settings . By filtering all the navaids, etc out one gets a much better world map with superior zoom capabilities and geographic details missing from the old world map. But that is not explained to a new user. One has to stumble upon it.

Also, for those while flying a long route and wonder what is put the window maybe having a button that easily selects a world map with base plus infrastructure would make it easier to use the new world map view. I recall it was easily selectable on a drop down menu.

Hi Stephen,
You’re right. With the appropriate settings the VFR map is indeed very good. The only problem was that I did not find it easily… Also, is it possible to save the map settings, enabling it popping up with one click only, avoiding doing all the settings over again?
My best regards

Yes like having a VFR map button, IFR map button, and World View map button. I would assume any of those could be temporarily customized, but that would work fir many users

It does remember the changes you make, so if you switch to IFR and then back to VFR again, your edits will be saved (until you click the “reset to VFR default” button).


We’ll definitely consider adding a 4th button, World map, with basically the settings shown in my screenshot above.



Great on fourth button, and good to hear it saves customizations!


I was about to put this request in a seperat new thread but it seems to fit here rather well.

I am extremly happy with the new version 8 of Charts, in particular I like the new VFR features a lot. I do use (European) Jeppesen Bottlang (VFR) Charts connected to my MSFS for VFR flying and think that this a great combination. I find Chats 8 to be so good for display of VFR routes that I am close to switching from Bottlang to Navigraph.

But there is one geographical feature that I find to be missing - that is forests. If you do a direct comparison of Central European Bottlang Charts with Charts 8, we notice that there are very close but for many mandatory traffic patterns, the forests below the flight path are often important for VFR navigation. On Charts 8 the display of forests is completing missing.

Do you think that there is chance to add a layer depicting forest in the VFR map?


+1 for World Map! One of my favorite features on long flights


Please also add the province/state name and border line into the map.

I think they are limited to the capabilities of OSM, which didn’t support that in the past. Back when the maps used Google Maps as a provider it was possible, but I imagine that got pricey for Navigraph

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Fs kneeboard has your requirement if the excellent v8 doesn’t give you what you want.

I too would like to see the world map return. Especially now as I am flying HPG’s amazing H145. Actually, I just reinstated my subscription for this very reason.


As Stephen says above at Where did the Worldmap go? - #11 by stephen with a few filter settings you have the equivalent of an improved old world map.

As mentioned, we are considering adding this as a 4th Button.