Update for the sake of it?

To be honest having used this latest version I feel you have tried to upgrade something that did not need it. V8 is not as intuitive as V7 and more difficult to use. Personally I would happily go back to V7 which worked a dream. Simplicity is the key and enhancing minor points that may have needed inproving on. Just my opinion. Is V7 still available to download?

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Hi Martin

No sorry we will not have multiple version support. It just isn’t feasible to support old versions for many reasons. Give the new version a chance, not all what is new is bad but of course it´s different yes and you must do something in another way …

Intuitive is a subjective feeling. For some it’s easy, for some it’s hard - as an example 2000 beta tester give us the feeling it´s intuitive, for a few here (including you) it´s not so intuitive.

We hear you, we hear our user and what we have done in the past 20 years, we will continue to improve our work according your voice but that´s a process and not a on/off switch. Give yourself the time and give us the time and we will finally find a more or less compromise for all.

Thank you very much,

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Yes, I found the UI “different” in v8, but now that I’ve used it for a bit, I’m used to it. Just a few rough edges, but I’m sure that will sort out.

I really do love many of the new features, and the autosync capability is worth its weight in gold.

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