Unreadable OFP in pmdg EFB

I am unable to read the OFP . Font size is to small on a lot of pages. (not all) Tried a re install of 737-800 incl update but no result. Can provide a screenshot but in forum i believe.

Can’t find a solution or cause ??

Yes, can you post a SS?

Happy to do so.
I made 4 screenshots of EFB dispalying OFP. Hope you see the problem and mayby can send me in the right direction to solve this

Thanks for the shots, did you check PMDG forums on this? It may be a bug on certain formats.

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Now trying to find out if other company OFP has same problems. For now LIDO looks fine. But will go on testing


As already mentioned, this is an issue with the PMDG EFB and not with a Navigraph product. @jsokoloff already redirected this question to the PMDG forums, which was the right decision!

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we developers at Navigraph can do to fix this issue.

I will now close this topic to keep this forum organized. Thanks for posting!

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