Trying to send flight plan to MSFS No format selected error

Everytime I try and send a flight plan using downloaded, red lettering pops up and says no format selected.

Same with me… Latest flightplan selected, but error “No format selected!” when I try to export.

+1 No formats selected!

Please try again now, you might need to re-generate your flight plan for it to work though.

Hi Dev,

Thanks, now it worked. Was the server down?


Just tried it now, and it’s working again.

Hi Dev,

Sorry, but the PDF is now being generated with size zero!

That’s normal, unfortunately I’ve had to disable the PDF document from the Downloader while I try to fix this issue: Error - Unable to Communicate with the Server - Simbrief Downloadetr - #32 by SimBrief

I’ll try to restore it as soon as possible, thanks. For now you can still download the PDF from the main website.

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