Tower handover/landing clearance too late at UNNT Rwy 25

Sim version

Navigraph Navdata client version


AIRAC cycle + revision number

AIRAC Cycle 2014 rev.1

Exact description of the issue, including cause of the issue (Flight plan in world map, loading a flight plan generated from outside, using aircraft type etc.)

The issue happens in flight, with flight plan either loaded externally or selected ingame.
Aircraft type likely does not matter, but just in case, I’ve checked on TBM930.
Example flight plan is UNKL/29 APRU1B APRUS B926 NATIR LK25D UNNT/I25. Skipping to descent doesn’t seem to influence the issue.
The issue only happens with Navigraph data. I don’t have any other modifications to the game.

The problem itself is that Approach ATC is very late at handing the pilot over to the Tower, and as a result a go around is needed after obtaining landing clearance. When flying ILS approach, by the time one gets landing clearance the runway is more or less passed over (assuming ~100 KIAS). When flying the same route, but with visual approach, the clearance is given when you’re more or less on top of the runway, even if the runway is approached from “weird” direction (from south, for example).
Interestingly enough, when you load or otherwise set the example route in MSFS, route planner with default data makes a loop around Rwy 25 for ILS approach, however, the clearance is given early enough that in fact such a loop might not be needed (might depend on the aircraft and exact FL given by ATC). With Navigraph data, the loop isn;'t shown on the world map, but more or less has be performed in-flight in order to land.

I´m not sure, how we should handle the handover earlier. We only provide the data for the frequencies, for the navdata, for the procedures but we have no influence about the interpretation and when and how the ATC make the handover from whom to whom. Sorry.

What we have made beginning with AIRAC 2014, we had extend the ILS distance, that you receive the ILS signal a little bit earlier as in all the previous cycles before. Possible that that helps the ATC to give you the handover earlier but again, we had not real influence on that. Sorry.


Hi Richard,

Well, I guess I hoped that it’s a simple case of some misplaced reference point or wrong airport zone radius or something like that, but seeing how ATC gives approach clearance 4 miles away one time (was 3 miles before btw, so that’s an improvement!) and 18 miles away the next (when flying not a published approach but that unknown set of waypoints they give you if you ask for directions), well, I guess I can only agree with you and hope Asobo resolve that weirdness somehow. Thanks for clarifying this case!

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