Text too small when switching to VR

Sadly this wasn’t fixed in SU12. I’ve set to 2.6 in VR but it’s way too much in 2D. Having to keep changing is a total pain so I hope MSFS sorts this out really soon.

After SU12, I noticed how any VR applications such as Navigraph’s In-Game Panel got very small. Or the contents rather.

I learned how I can use the scaling option in Navigraph Charts but if increasing it in VR, it will become far too big in 2D and vice versa.

Surely others must have noticed this too? A bit surprised I didn’t see more posts about it in here already.

TBH, even with the map scale set to “Use Large-Scale Map” I find the map hard to read, and did so prior to the SU12 debacle. Is it really not possible to make the scale factor a variable setting in the VR Panel, as it is in the Desktop App where we have perecentages? Also, perhaps, to extend the range above 150% so that each user can tailor the map to a zoom factor they can easily read? (Sorry to say the obvious, but this is different to the existing zoom feature that changes the amount of the map we can see without altering the text size).

Note that there is a clumsy workaround to achieve this effect (sort of). See 3rd Party Application Toolbars Scaling Broken? - #63 by stekusteku - Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Confirming the problem

Same problem.



We are aware but as I mentioned before in this thread, this is a regression in the sim and nothing we can control. You as a user can work around it to some extent:

In the Navigraph Charts panel, you can use the Interface scale setting to change the size of the interface, and the Use large-scale map setting to increase the size of the map itself.



Hi, I have my scale maxed plus large scale map. In VR the chart is less use than a chocolate teapot now! Almost unusable. Bit of a cop out blaming it on a sim ‘regression’. The sim is much improved in VR since their update. It’s Navigraph that’s regressed not msfs. Meant with the kindest of respect.

Just out of curiosity, what are the major improvements you’ve seen in VR after SU12?

I do all my flying in VR and can’t honestly say I noticed much of a difference.

Everything in the cockpit (bonanza) seems much clearer, was a bit blurry before. (Pico 4/4090/13900ks). Scenery in Scotland on trip from Glasgow to Cumbernauld, Aberdeen, Skye and back, I found simply breathtaking. I live in the highlands and all the paths, the colours, clouds were almost identical. I can see the scree and crags of all the familiar peaks I hike frequently. Frame rate was smooth. The clouds are a massive improvement I think, was always underwhelming before, but now perfect. Love it!

Try flying from that little strip on Skye around the Cullen range, head sight through Glencoe you can see the ski center and mounting bike trails really clearly. The beauchaille Etive mor is amazing as you approach Glencoe mountain center. With devils staircase on the left. Hang a right with the rannoch moor passing in your left then head south to Loch Lomond passing ben lomond on your left and the Arrochar alps on your right. Then into Glasgow Such a lovely flight. I was contemplating buying an Aero but not sure I need it now. Really stoked as you can tell. :slight_smile:

That’s great you’re having a blast and I do agree the graphics in MSFS in general is amazing. Even when I haven’t experienced any major difference over here after SU12.

Happy flying :slight_smile:

I updated all of my Navigraph/Simbrief apps today, including the latest Airac cycle.

When I switch to VR, the menus around the chart are now in miniature, virtually unreadable text. The moving charts still work but something isn’t quite right with everything on the left hand side, and across the top.

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Hi Flyer!

Maybe this post is interesting to you?



Hi Magnus,

Thank you for your speedy response, and for highlighting that others have experienced this issue.

Let’s hope that Asobo will address this quickly, maybe with a “hotfix”, as it worked perfectly before SU12.

Same issue - glad Asobo has it on their radar. That said, I’ve seen other devs of other tools just release an update to fix. Is this a possibility for Navigraph? I just don’t trust Asobo to fix the issue anytime soon. Thanks for your help!

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See fix here: Text too small when switching to VR - #9 by stephen



Sorry to say but it is not a fix. Before you got mutch closer to the taxiways as well.

Does Asobo say they have it on their radar? Thats good:)

I found that if you use the holder on the window, use the wheel on the mouse, push the map far out of the plane, make the window bigger and then pull it back, not with the heel of the mouse, but just with your head. Then the map etc. will be much larger.


I’d be happy just to see the Navigraph charts in FS2020, particularly using my HP Reverb VR !!

They worked, once (first time of use), now they don’t show up at all.