Telemetry: Transponder wrong (Fenix/MSFS)

I’ve noticed that the transponder shown in the charts (Desktop app) is wrong.
I am flying the Fenix A320 on MSFS

Navigraph Charts
Version: 8.29.1
Build: 6183557240

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I believe this was fixed with a Simlink update about 2 weeks ago, according to Malte. Do you have the latest version of it installed?

That could have been it for sure! But the (now fixed) issue was that it did not register a code at all and just showed 0. In this case, Fenix is either:

  • Not using standard simulator variables for the transponder code
  • Using some other simulator transponder code/id than the default (“First” transponder)
  • Handling the transponder as part of their external process

In any case, there is probably not much we can do. I’ll see if I can verify this somehow!

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Did some tests: it seem to be a problem in the Fenix.

As you start up the plane - even C/D - once you get power, the transponder shows 2000 (by default), and if you let it like that, activate it, for some reason, in Vatsim it’s shown as 7000.
To tune it right, you have to clear the display and tune it in again, manually, say 2000 (or whatever), and then it is shown correctly.


Thank you for looking into this! Sorry that I have not had the chance to do it yet, the G1000 release came in the way of doing so.

If I understand you correctly, then it seems like this issue is not isolated to just Navigraph but actually affects other clients, like VATSIM, as well? In that case, they probably do handle the transponder in their external software and then try to keep the simulator variables in sync to the extent possible.

It sounds like you could ask Fenix to look into this as well, given that it is incorrect at first but then correct after re-tuning it? It sounds unintentional and fixable!

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