TBM 930 - authentication issue

Hi again - I figure since it’s early it’s worth reporting bugs in the event something needs to be addressed. I have conducted a few sessions now with the new plug in and about half the time, the authentication fails. When I load into the TBM and bring up charts, scan the QR code or visit the URL and enter the code, it says it is linked but when I click charts again it goes right back to authentication in an endless loop. For the sessions where it worked, I logged in the first time and it was fine for the rest of the session.

Hi there Justin! Thank you for the feedback!

During the beta phase, we concluded that this was a permission issue for the simulator as a whole. This commonly happens for people who install the simulator in a non-standard location, like the root of the C drive for example.

So far we’ve seen several reports of the issue being fixed once the correct permissions were set for the install directory, and to my knowledge no reports that it did not work!

Here is one report from our Discord post-release:


I hope this helps! If not, feel free to get back to us for more assistance!

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Hmm, I checked permissions and no issues there but it has not repeated in the last two sessions. Hopefully just worked itself out. Thanks for the fast reply and the potential solution. I’ll let you know if it continues.

I have the issue that I need to scan the QR Code everytime I use the TBM…ist this also known or has something to do with this issue here?

Yes, that is exactly the same issue as described by OP. And the solution is also the exact same, see my previous reply! Verify that the folder in which the simulator is installed has correct permissions and is not read-only.

If that still fails, try running the simulator as admin. If that also fails, feel free to report back and we can take a look at your logs together!

The above has worked for several betatesters. Running as admin should not be necessary, and the solution has always been to verify the permissions of the folder in the end.

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Is it normal that it asks for the QR code to be scanned with EACH INDIVIDUAL livery of the Vision Jet too? I have a standard MS Store installation of MSFS, with full permissions for my username.

Yes, as far as we understand that is intended behavior by the simulator itself - keeping separate contexts for each individual livery.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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