SKRG - Rwy 19 - Missing charts

Hi there,

I was today landing in Rio Negro - SKRG - and we are missing the charts for the RWY 19.

I confirm we do have the ones for RWY 01 still.

Thank you. Regards,

Hello Bruno,

There are no STAR’s or approach charts published by AIP Columbia for RWY19

Your only option is a circle to land/visual for that runway.

Check chart REF 19-04


Hello Stephen,

Thanks. I just mentioned it because I actually found a chart for the RWY 19 :slight_smile:

You can see it here Chart Rwy 19 SKRG

Thanks for your info.


It is likely that approaches to RWY19 were removed in May 2021 given the foot note on REF 19-04

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