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I noticed a small problem of directory which occurs when a user account is used. The installer require admin right so it installs the files under Users\Admin\Documents\SimToolkitPro but my SKTP installation uses my user account: Users\Jean-Luc\OneDrive\Documents\SimToolkitPro

For the next update, can you modifiy this ?
Thanks for your help

Hello Jean-Luc! Welcome to the new forum!

I went ahead and tried to reproduce the issue, but no joy. The manual installer always defaults to a path relative to the current user, be it running manually elevated (Run as administrator) or normally by double-clicking the installer.

Additionally, you are able to select a path manually on this screen:

It sounds like you may have run the application under another user, you can verify that this is the case by running it again and checking the path in the picture above.

If the path is correct and you still find that the Setup installs the data in the wrong location, please advise and I’ll help you troubleshoot!

Kind Regards,

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With my user account, when I double-click on <simtoolkitpro_2013.exe>, the app requests admin rights but you are right, in final, we can select installation path.

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