Simlink could not connect to simulator and no moving map

Hi everyone…

first of all im sorry if this topic is the same as others…i did read every topic that just like mine but nothing solve my problem…

my navigraph simlink is latest version…but my charts or moving map could connect to simulator…

i did reinstalled everything…redownload and set the correct path for the plugin…everything i did just like the same in older thread or topics…but couldnt fix it…

i cannot use since may 2020…and reinstalled so many times…

pls help…

Hi …,

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  1. See FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray
  2. In Navigraph Simlink Plugin Settings, for your FS entry press Uninstall Simlink.
  3. Use Windows to uninstall Simlink.
  4. If they exist delete folders c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink and c:\Program Files\Navigraph\Simlink
  5. Download and install latest Simlink .
  6. If still no moving map, please post screenshot of Simlink Status and Plugin Settings as per FAQ in 1.

Please let us know how you get on.



this is the screenshot


Ian…simlink_2020-12-21.dlog (6.9 KB)

only have .dlog on simlink

hi Ian…

can you help me with this?


We can help you on your issue which you are facing, we checked your posted log files and thank you for provide us more details on issue.

As we seen that you face this issue because of Simlink plugins was not installed with proper location.

Can you please verify that P3D V4 Plugin location is in System Document folder or not. If you find P3D V4 plugin folder in document then please follow below steps to correct it.

  1. Open Simlink Plugin Setting window from Simlink.
  2. Uninstall Plugin for P3D V4.
  3. Remove path from Textbox of P3D V4.
  4. Click on “Scan & Install” button.
  5. After 4# it will automatically detect plugin folder of P3D V4 and install plugin correctly.
    Note: Make sure you close P3D V4 Simulator before install Plugin.

Please let us know how you get on.


Ahir Vishal D.


I’m also having this issue and none of the above steps help. Attached are screen shots as well as the dlog (only have dlog).

Picture2 simlink_2020-12-24.dlog (4.8 KB)


Can you please check, is there any shortcut file exists for P3D plugins in above screen shot path?

If there is shortcut of folder of P3D then please delete those shortcut.

Please let us know your check.


Ahir Vishal D.

Thanks for your response Ahir. Just to clarify, the SimLink is not working for P3D v3. I previously had P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 installed, but they are no longer on my system.

There is no P3D shortcut located in the Prepar3D v3 Add-ons folder.


hi vishalahir ,

i did the number 4…but the path is not appear…its writen “simlink plugin is installed in all simulators”…

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