SimConnect Diagnostic Output!

First time ever this has happened, can you tell me why? Screenshot attached (bottom) -4/17/22
Simlink installed in proper path,
Simlink version:
AIRAC up to date,
Log file attached (nothing bad showing)
Simulator runs fine, seems to connect but this window is something totally new to me! I assume it is normally hidden in the background! Once sim is running it steadily runs through the numbers (Object Data, Request ID, etc!
Restarted computer, no change, reset & updated sim status in settings, no change!

Windows 10
P3D 4.5
Add-ons ORBX, Navigraph, Active Sky P3Dv4, no major planes
AIRAC 2203 rev 1

P3Dv4_20220417040426_log.txt (90 Bytes)

Any and all info appreciated,
Roger (aka) Wakashi

Problem solved by one of my Virtual Airline buddies, but thanks for the opportunity! :smile:



Glad it is resolved. For the benefit of others what was the issue - what was causing the SimConnect output.


Hello Ian,

Not exactly sure how it happened, but the SimConnect debug console was activated someway, to fix it I opened the SimConnect .ini file in C;\users\myname\Documents\Prepar3D v4 files\SimConnect.ini. I then changed the console line from =1 to =0, save, and problem cured!
Hope this helps someone else sometime, I should have posted it I guess, so thanks for asking!


Hi Roger ,

Thank you, much appreciated.


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