Sending Cruise Level Offset with acdata Json


Is it possible to send Cruise Level Offset with acdata json ? If yes, what would be the key/name for it ?

We are able to send pretty much everything else with acdata json but I was not able to find any info about that bit, any help would be great.

Why asking this; When you send in a custom airframe id via api, ofp is generated with it and even if you send acdata over that airframe id it is taken into consideration and all works fine. But when you need to edit that ofp, airframe id is not there anymore and ofp reverts back to the main aircraft type.

So if we can pass in the cruise level offset with acdata json, then there will be no need to send in personal airframe id’s via api and editing of created ofp’s would be ok.

Considering that airframe id’s are personal but with api, VA admins can create their proper fleet and other members/pilots can use them via api ofp generation. Problem occurs only when editing and passing that last bit of info with json may solve that problem.

Thanks in advance

Found it at SimBrief forum :slight_smile:

cruiseoffset is the key/name for that in acdata json.

{ .... ,"cruiseoffset":"P1000"} will do it I suppose

Yes “cruiseoffset” should work for you. :slight_smile:

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