RAIMS prediction in OFP

It would be cool if Simbrief could integrate RAIMS prediction at the calculated dep/arr time for the origin and destination airports and display the status in the OFP like we have IRL.

I realise it wouldn’t actually mean anything in a simulator environment where GPS is always available anyway, but it might be a nice added touch of realism for those of us that like to take the extra step to see if we can do an RNP approach/departure or not.

EASA makes this tool available for free but it would be nice to have the status indicated directly in the OFP


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Hi, thanks. I will note this for possible investigation, but it might be a while before I can look into it.


But to what RNP Value? RNP 0.30, RNP 0.11? My FP system at work does that, but we pay a lot of money to get and be able to license the manufacturer’s tools.

You could randomize an OFP remark and do the same thing.