Procedure for KMFE ILS 14 Approach is incorrect

Whether it is SANCA or MFE, Navigraph sequence is, for instance, MFE->MISSI->FATOR->MISSI. In reality, it should be MFE->FATOR->MISSI, or if using SANCA, SANCA->MISSI->FATOR->MISSI.

Basically, approach is SANCE or MFE + FINAL. I can see, in real life, the path airplanes take. It is never as Navigraph has it – it would be a very difficult and dangerous approach.

according the charts (Jeppesen and FAA) the ILS14 is a procedure turn. When you look on the profile, you see that this PT starts at MISSI than PT 002/182 to intercept final course 137.

FATOR and MISSI are both IAFs and normal approach transitions to final.

Means when you come from MISSI you must fly the PT, when you come direct via FATOR no PT is required. Thats exactly what the charts say.

MFE → FATOR → MISSI makes no sense because you must start the PT at MISSI, so BEFORE FATOR.

Sorry, but I can see any issue here comparing the FAA and Jeppesen charts.