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I have been away for about 16 months . Just coming back so all mynroutes Sid stars are out of date . I wanted a quick flight lax to sfo but when I went to print the airport charts there was nothing to say print . It would let me do the Sid kind of . It would only print 1/3 of the chart and all of the menu on the left

Hello Jeff! Welcome to the forum.

When it comes to printing Charts, the button you’re looking for is only available in the desktop app, not in the cloud version found at

Please let me know if you’re still seeing this issue after switching to the desktop app and we will look into it!

Kind Regards,

It’s weird , on my home computer ( 5 days old ) there is no print bottom on the. Bottom right hand side . But the desktop version on my work computer and it’s there . Both are desktops and windows

Are you sure that both are desktop apps? Some browsers will allow you to create desktop shortcuts that, when clicked, open a window that looks quite similar to the desktop app.

As far as I know, there is no scenario where the button would not show up in the desktop app :thinking:

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