Operational Impacts - FL change up has no values

I periodically refer to my OFP when I am en route, and in some cases I look to see what climbing to higher flight levels will do for me. While the Operational Impacts do show useful data for fuel and payload changes in both directions, the flight level only shows for flight level down.

For example:

                         OPERATIONAL IMPACTS
WEIGHT CHANGE UP 1.0          TRIP  P 0011 KGS   TIME P 0000
WEIGHT CHANGE DN 1.0          TRIP  M 0012 KGS   TIME M 0000
FL CHANGE     UP FL1                 NOT AVAILABLE
FL CHANGE     DN FL1          TRIP  P 0008 KGS   TIME M 0000
FL CHANGE     DN FL2          TRIP  P 0014 KGS   TIME P 0000
SPD CHANGE    CI 0                   NOT AVAILABLE
SPD CHANGE    CI 50                  NOT AVAILABLE

You’ll notice that speed changes have no values as well.

Is this something that could be fixed, per chance? It applies to all cruise altitudes from what I have seen.


I looked at your recent flights and this seems to be normal in every case. SimBrief is almost always planning you at what it believes is the theoretical maximum for your flight, which is why a higher flight level is never available.

Most of your flights are very short. If SimBrief calculates that climbing up 1 flight level will result in a very short cruise segment, it considers that flight level to be unachievable.

On another one of your flights, your route contained only Victor (low level) airways. SimBrief planned you at FL160 as a result, and showed FL180 as “not available” because it isn’t valid for those airways.

In general, if your aircraft weight is such that the aircraft cannot climb to a higher flight level, it will show as “not available”. The C700 profile isn’t quite as accurate as some other ones on SimBrief, so the maximum/optimum altitude calculations might be a bit off as well.

Regarding the speed changes, this is simply because the C700 doesn’t support cost indexes.

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I think that profile issues you mentioned are likely the cause for it. I will have to look over the saved aircraft parameters and see if I can tweak anything that would allow me to get performance that matches the AAU beta aircraft in MSFS while also addressing this issue.