NOTAM and Weather Calls

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Looking at the SimBrief Database page - Database Query

I am wondering if it’s possible to call the NOTAM and Weather only, without the FPlan?

If so, how? Does it strictly need the API?


Hi Paul, currently this isn’t possible, but might be added in a future update to the API. We’re currently looking into it.

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While I don’t know if that’s what OP is looking for, maybe he could fetch the text from the “Printed” links ?

On the Weather/NOTAMs page you can click on “Print report” and obtain this kind of link :

You then obtain a page with only text. Change the “icao=” and “=notam” fields as needed.

That page is behind the SimBrief login, and isn’t meant to be scraped in that way. But as I said, a proper API solution might be released soon.

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Understood. Thanks for letting me know.

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