No more updates?

Hello, since version 1.6.3 of October 2021 there is no more update…

I thought that the takeover by Navigraph would boost Simbrief…

Are you going to continue to maintain it and make it evolve, are we going to have any surprises in the future?

Since the death of PFPX, simbrief is the only planner of this scale…

What will happen in the future?

Thank you.

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Thank you for your message and sharing your concerns.

I assume you are referring to the FMS Downloader app, and this might not have had any updates since Oct 2021. Focus has been on the main website in the past year. Are you missing anything in the FMS Downloader that you are specifically expecting or what is triggering your concern?

There have been numerous updates to SimBrief itself this year, with server upgrades, route improvements, added aircraft profiles, and much more. In addition, a lot has happened behind the scenes with many new APIs being developed for third parties and are also being used by the new Charts app currenly in closed beta. Finally, a new modern and responsive frontend UI is being developed for the SimBrief website.

With this I hope you can feel safe the SimBrief is very much in active development.



It is indeed the fact that a lot happens behind the scenes… I am indeed very happy that simbrief continues to evolve.

I’m looking forward to the new modern and responsive frontend UI!

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