Navigraph Hub Fenix not updating


Is not updating for me (similar to Navigraph Hub Fenix issue - #4 by blu3bird23), and cant find file to manually download on the website.


I cannot confirm this.
I have just uninstalled and reinstalled via the hub and it works without any problems.

I am trying to reinstall the Hub again, but download speed of the installer is slow

edit: new installation of Navigraph Hub did not solve my problem
The Hub hangs while installation of the Fenix navdata.

Maybe a connection problem on your side?
Do you have a VPN that you could try?

no, all other navdatas (pmdg, maddog) get installed without issues

it simply is not able to write and create navdata folder

ok, last reboot solved it somehow, worked now

Thank you for the update. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying,


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