NavData Installer Conventions

Just upgraded to v1.0.0.136 and a couple issues surfaced.

Naming conventions;

  1. The installer’s name is “Navigraph.exe” - the installed app’s name is also “Navigraph.exe”. This creates confusion.
    Someone could assume to just paste the ‘installer’ into the app folder and over-write. If one does this, not only is the app broken, but the installer will not install after this erroneous pasting. A complete uninstall/re-install is required.
  • Suggestion - Unique-name the installer ie; ‘NavData_Install.exe’ or ‘Navigraph+NavData.exe’ for example…
    see NOTE below
  1. The NavData start icon is named “Navigraph”. I currently use 4 Navigraph products - Charts Desktop, FMS Data Manager, Navdata and Simlink.
  • Suggestion - Maybe the NavData start icon should be named “Navigraph NavData” for example…

That brings me to my next issue - folders.

  1. The installers should install to a ‘Master’ Navigraph folder, with the appropriate sub-folder specified by the installer ie;
  • Suggestion;
    NavData - should install to - Navigraph/NavData (folder)
    Simlink - should install to - Navigraph/Simlink (folder)

Before anyone says “read read read”, which I appreciate;
The tech world is inundated with this type of ambiguity, thus leading to literally infinite questions and multi-postings on the same issue in countless different forums…well you know. It takes sooo many resources and sooo much time to research…time better spent say, flying, for example…

I believe we as a community absolutely must keep things as clear and uncomplicated as possible, simply to eliminate issues wherever and whenever possible. And in this business, that duty begins with the dev’s…



Your suggestions are welcome and timely. We are updating our Beta Installer and FMS Data Manager and are looking at naming and folders.

We shall consider your suggestions.

Thank you


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