NavData Center MSFS giving error message when trying to update

Latest MSFS beta, latest Win 11 insider beta - have used Navigraph in Xplane and MSFS for years without incident. Last month I used the FMS Data Manager to update Xplane, but when I went to the NavData Center to update MSFS, I got the following error message. I reinstalled the NavData Center with the same results.



EPERM means that the application cannot access something because of lacking privileges. Have you installed into default locations?

Try deleting all files in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Temp, and restarting machine.

See also Can't Install AIRAC Cycle or Navigraph Charts in Game - EPERM operation not permitted - #5 by rscarter


Hello Ian,
No joy. I renamed the temp folder to tempOLD and rebooted. A new temp folder was created but contained nothing that I could identify as Navigraph. So I uninstalled the NavData Center and then reinstalled being certain to use the default file location. Same error.
In the local folder of appdata are 4 folders for Navigraph

Navigraph Charts and the updater for Xplane work fine.

So I am still without new data.
Thanks for the speedy response.

I am having the same issue. And I installed it in the default folder, I watched tutorials and did exactly the same, but not working…

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