MROS San Jose T.CUAR3T arrival "Fix or airway "T" not found."

MPTO/03R DCT TC225 DCT TC943 DCT ARVUR DCT TC911 DCT PA117 DCT 090635N0794139W DCT 090752N0795225W DCT 091340N0795502W DCT 092344N0795507W DCT RONAM A502 COTOS T.CUAR3T MROC/07

Simbrief shows the error “Fix or airway “T” not found.”

the workaround is to remove the “T.” portion and enter manually in the FMC

Waypoints TC943 and TC941 do not appear to be listed in the 2311 airac cycle.

Hi, thanks for the report. The T.CUAR3T issue should now be fixed.

Best regards,

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