Move between different Map Charts automatically

It’s quite annoying having to go Navigraph Charts & switching between the different chart maps manually to display on the globe/map as we are doing our flight.

So, I thought that when we are on the ground, Navigraph can automatically put the ground map chart on map/globe automatically or just the chart itself depending on the users preference as soon as either we import the flight plan from Simbrief or Charts detects the simulator at the airport on the ground.

When we are at either the Holding point, on the Runway or we lift off the ground, Navigraph should automatically switch from the Taxi chart map either on the map/globe or the chart by itself to the Departure route chart map to display on the globe/map or just the chart. When we go off the departure route chart, Navigraph should close the departure route chart automatically and if users aren’t displaying the approach map charts on the map/globe, Navigraph should switch from the Approach map Chart to the Main map in that case.

When we are approaching the approach route, Navigraph should put the approach route chart either displaying on the map or just the charts itself depending on the users preference automatically 5-10 nautical miles before the approach route.

When the plane is on the ILS/LOC/RNP/RNAV etc approach to the runway Navigraph should switch from the approach chart to the ILS/LOC/RNP/RNAV etc chart relevant to their routing automatically when they get either 5-10 nautical miles before or on the waypoint that transitions them between the approach & the ILS approach for example.

Once Navigraph Charts detects that we’ve lande,d it should switch from the runway approach charts to the Taxi Charts relevant to that airport.

Hopefully this suggestion gets approved cause it’ll charts a lot easier to use & if users don’t want the maps being changed, Navigraph should make setting called Switching Maps Automatically or something like that and it should have button slider toggling it on or off as well and it will disable from the maps being changed.