Missing Chinese Airport Charts

Despite quite busy airports I’m not able to find the following airports:
ZUTR Tongren Phoenix Airport
ZBDH Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Airport
ZHYC Yichang Sanxia Airport
ZLJQ Jiayuguan Airport
ZHLY Luoyang Beijlao
ZBDT Datong Yungang Airport

Any hope to find them soon?



To some extent it is a function of which flight sim.

ZHYC, ZLJQ, ZHLY are in our MSFS database, none are in the general database , nor in Charts

Please see also FAQ - Missing Airports


Hi Ian , actually I’m in my summer cottage on the Alps and I’ve very poor connection, I found some of the charts related to: ZBDT; ZBDH; ZHYC; ZLJQ if it might help I can mail to you

Hello once again how can I mail you all the charts related to the Chienese airports that I’ve downloaded from PRC AIP?