Missing air routes. Low/High altitude. Europe

Hi. This is my first post to Navigraph. Subject is missing air routes covering most of eastern Europe. ie. Czechia. Slovakia. Hungary. Austria. Slovenia / Croatia. Serbia. Kosovo. Montenegro. North Macedonia. Albania. I have tried reinstalling the charts without success. I run Navigraph on Windows 10. lMac. iPad. The results are the same on all. I also use the charts in conjunction with FS2020. This also includes, Simbrief .com. Apart from the missing areas mentioned, Navigraph functions perfectly. I have been unable to find a similar post . Perhaps you can advise me of what the problem maybe…Thanks to all…

Hi Derek,
first of all, welcome here in the forum and welcome at Navigraph.

To you question:
There are no airways available in these countries any more. This concept is calling “Free Route Airspace” (shortname FRA). That means, these countries removed their airways (upper/lower) and are using a free airspace, without any routes.

You find more details about this concept, countries, rules, … here:

Hope that helps - you haven´t made anything wrong :wink:

Hi Richard.
Thanks for your prompt reply. I must admit to having no knowledge of FRA until now. Thanks for pointing it out… Cheers…D.

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