Magic URL to the last PDF

Hi there !

First and formost, as it is my very first message here : thanks for all the work. Wonderful product :wink:

I was wondering if it was possible to get a magic URL (= stable) to the last Simbrief OFP in PDF ? Today, the workflow consist on using Simbrief’s API to get the xml, spot the then to the pdf, merge and use. It would require me to use some compute (Heroku, Lambda, …) to do so, but it’s probably more efficient to ask you if it’s something we can ask for ?

I love the way the XML grabber works,, I feel like would be wonderful :slight_smile:

Cheers !

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Days after, I re-read my self and realize I forgot half of a sentence there…

get the xml, spot the then to the pdf, merge and use

should be read

get the xml, spot the document url section, then the pdf section, merge and use



love navigraph and simbrief

if we could have a link to pull the latest flight plan in pdf, that would be awesome

Not an acceptable solution in my case, because it requires me to go on the website, spot the button “Aerosoft Airbus EFB”, clic on it. Example of my goal is to have a single icon on my desktop / tablet desktop, clic on it so it displays the pdf.

Also, if I can navigate through the website to find a button named “Aerosoft Airbus EFB”, I can navigate the very same website and clic on “get the PDF” button :wink:

My best wishes to you all for the end of year celebrations <3

Since I have no idea what your workflow is, here’s my brief - maybe this will help:
I have a main computer and a notebook as an EFB.
I start the main computer and do the flight planning in the simbrief.
I have set the simbrief downloader so that it exports it as soon as a new flight plan is created

the downloader exports the “Flighplan.pdf” to a shared folder
Now I start the notebook and there I have set the autostart (shell:startup) to open the “Flightplan.pdf” for me.
So I always open the latest OFP on the notebook without having to click anything (except “Generate Flight” in the SimBrief)
This is the workflow that works for me fine
I wish you all a happy holiday and many happy landings

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That is actually something smart, I had no idea that Simbrief Downloader used / can use the stable name “Flightplan.pdf” when downloading. Many, many thanks for bringing this to my attention !

I think I’ll have a test this afternoon :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes \o/

Hey guys thanks for trying to help

None of these solutions work for me either. Ive made myself a custom IOS app, and I dont want the code to get more complex than it needs to be. I just want a hyperlink that fetches the latest flight plan without having to navigate things in code form or GUI.
All solution offered includes either having to parse .api xml data, or, essentially navigate the simbrief page to pull a .pdf OFP.

None of these things I want to do… i just want to “click/press” a button in my custom app, and for the OFP to appear as a result of navigating to a hyperlink, in pdf form.

The solution proffered of the Aerosoft EFB link would theoretically work, except that its hyperlink isnt a generic link address that fetches the latest OFP… this would mean that if i coded this into my app, it would go to that specific OFP each and everytime.

I need a generic hyperlink that fetches the latest OFP

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