LPMA Madeira - incorrect approaches

It would seem that there is a little rwy assignment issue with the data at LPMA.

According the AIP, these are the approaches to LPMA:

RNP A 05
RNP Z 05
RNP Y 05
VOR 05

RNP B 23
RNP 23
VOR 23

These exist in the FMS Data, thats good. BUT there seem to be a bunch of extra approaches that shouldn’t exist (at all or anymore):
RNP B 05 (RNP B is only for rwy 23 not also 05)
RNP A 23 (RNP A is only for rwy 05 not also 23)
VDM A 05
VDM B 05
VDM A 23
VDM B 23

I believe the VDM approaches used to be correct many AIRACs ago, but no longer exist now. Now there is only 1 VOR approach per runway and it doesn’t have a letter (A or B). So not quite sure which approaches these are referring to as they don’t exist in the AIP…

Screenshots (Ignore the red circles)


Yes, I ran across this issue. I am new to this world of aviation. Thank you TheFI4me for posting this here.

I will check this … Thank you!


Hi guys,
I have checked now the AIP and I can confirm that these CTL-approaches are no longer available. I have also checked our database and I still see these approaches, so we will report this to Jeppesen, that they can remove it in the next couple of cycles.

I can´t really say, when these approaches are removed, this is in the hands of Jeppesen but we will report it, for sure.

Thank you for the hint,

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Thank you very much Richard :slight_smile:

While you’re at it, I reported a similar issue with SKBO Bogota a while back (mismatch between AIP and data on the sim) but the thread seems to have gone unnoticed and has since been locked.

My point being, might as well report Bogota to the provider while you’re at it since it’s probably the same issue.

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