Lost Contact and Latest version of Navigraph Charts

Good morning. This morning Navigraph Charts displayed a message that I had lost my Internet connection and instructed me to reset it. It said the app would restart when the connection was restored. My connection is achieved via WiFi/Cable and it was properly connected at the time. There was no button or device provided to reconnect the app so i quit the app and restarted it. At that time I saw a notice that a new version was available. I clicked the notice but nothing happened. Again I quit the app and restarted it but now the message no longer not appeared. Currently I am using v8.15.0 build 3600842489, How can i obtain the latest version now and in the future? Also, can you modify the “disconnected” screen to provide a “reconnect” button? That would be handy. Thank you.

Steve Haines

Hello Steve! Thanks for the feedback.

We depend on your computer to let us know when you get disconnected and then reconnected again. In some cases, the latter is never received. We shall absolutely consider adding a reconnect button.

If you click the Get it now button, the app should restart itself and install the latest version. If you click Later, nothing will happen until the app is closed, at which point it will update itself in the background.

8.15.0 is the latest version, released today! You can always manually download the latest version from our website, but the app will keep itself up-to-date automatically.

Hope this makes things more clear! Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

I did click the “Get It” button. That’s why I mentioned it. Nothing happened, which I thought was an error you would want to know about. And apparently restarting the app allowed it to update itself.

Thanks for considering the reconnect button. My bit for humanity :smile:

Steve Haines

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Ah, alright! Thanks for the feedback!
We are not able to reproduce the issue ourselves, but we’ll keep a look out!

Have a nice weekend!

Kind Regards,