LIML GEN5Q SID not available

The GEN5Q SID is not showing and freezes the Sim for me at least

Hi Barry,
I don´t understand - when you miss something how can this result into a freeze sim?

The GEN5Q is not a SID, it´s a transition from TOVSA. So, you can select this transition only when you select any TOVSA (5A,5B, 5C or 5Z) SID. A GEN5Q SID is not existing.

Here the TOVS5C with the GEN5Q transition in the WorkingTitle CJ4 mod (GEN is the last none visible waypoint - but that´s to the zoom-range):

No freeze here and a correct SID with a correct transition. Be aware - they is no way to add the correct transition idents (like GEN5Q) because there is no field for this. The sim uses alsways the last waypoint as ident for the SID-transition ident (or the first waypoint for the STAR-transition ident).

Hope that helps,

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