LGPA missing from FlyJSim Q4XP

Hello everyone,

LGPA is not available in the FlyJSim Q4XP’s UNS-1 FMC. Other aircraft have the airport.

Please take a gander at this thread.

Blue skies. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but not sure what you expect now from us … the reason is, that there are no terminal procedures existing at Paros and it looks like, that this addon expect this, that you can select the airport. As you wrote, other aircrafts have this airport, so that´s the logic of this addon.

… the answer from the X-Plane posting:


PS: last - we don´t support this addon … I have nothing heard till now from a UNS-1 FMC and I have also no idea, which dataset this addon will be used. Sorry.

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