LCEN SID/STAR missing XP12 Toliss

Hello Team.
There is no SID or STAR…Is it normal?
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But, no problem with FF767;


A forum search of LCEN reveals the answer:

… additional to @srcooke answer, ToLiss and FF uses two different databases:

ToLiss uses the in-game XP12 database which doesn´t include any tailored records, therefore the tailored records for LCEN are missing

FF uses a own database and here we have added the LCEN tailored records, therefore you see the terminal procedures.

In general, LCEN isn´t included in our source, therefore we have added it manually as tailored record. In X-Plane 11/12 these tailored records will be suppressed therefore will the LCEN file not exported and when an add-on uses these X-Plane datasets (like the ToLiss), then you don´t see any terminal procedures.

Hope that helps a little bit

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Thank you!
As I understand is, we have to add manually in CIFP folder…

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Correct yes, but the file needs a content too … only adding the file in the CIFP folder isn´t enough … :wink:


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