LCEN airport

Can you add LCEN airport to Navdata on Sim Brief is exiting all the information



LCEN exists in Navigraph navdata including Simbrief . Please be specific about what you are seeking.


Dear Sir,

LCEN is existing in Sim Brief but not in Navigraph. The photo is added,
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Correct, the reason is that we use tailored data records in SimBrief and in the navdata updates but we can’t use it in the charts. It’s like VHHX, which is also include in SimBrief and the navdata but you can’t plan a flight from/to VHHX in our chart app.

This is because of legal and technical reasons. So, you can’t plan a flight from tailored (means not in the default data source) airports.


Can you solved this problem?
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Possible in the future but I can’t promise anything - it´s not only a technical issue it´s also a kind of political and therefore legal one… Also, we have currently a large project under development and we have a lot of open tasks …

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Dear Richard

Thx for your answer. Ihope we passed from political issues and hopr to see LCEM in Navigraph
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