Just trying to set up in here for the first time . .


I was in the old forum and now trying to set up in the new one. Can’t seem to find how to set up a signature and there seems to be no new members forum section where one can ask for help or introduce oneself.

I am Lee James, long time desktop pilot and now retired from 38 years in Airport Security in the UK. Flying FS since 9186 with SubLogic FS II and now mostly in MSFS2020 and creating video content on my YouTube Channel - virtualairlinepilot.

Anyway, MODS, please move this post if it is in the wrong place - hope to get some help with a signature and start contributing here.


Kind regards,

Lee James

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Hi Lee,

Welcome back.

The forum software doesn’t have signatures per se. You can create text in your profile. Click on your icon top right, select preferences\profile\about me