Increase the Number of Weather Layers I can display at once

It would be great to be able to select and see more than three weather layers selected from the Navigraph Charts Weather Layers selection on the planning map at the same time. Maybe allowing up to five.

Hi Stephen, no this is in fact within Simbrief (see below). Maybe though with the changes you shared that are coming to the Charts app, this weather selection layer will get an update too?



Hi Andrew,

Initially the limit of 3 layers was done for performance reasons. There might be performance issues when showing more than 3 layers, depending on various factors.

May I ask what the use-case would be for more than 3 layers? Which 4 or 5 layers are you looking to show at the same time?


Hey there, I completely understand if there was a need to limit the number of layers for performance reasons.

Since you asked more about the use case though here is my thinking. Similar to what I posted under Simbrief | Save Navigraph Charts Weather Layers selections these feature request are mostly QOL and workflow improvement ideas. The benefit would be that a user could see at once, without having to go back and make different selection, Prominet weather data that would influence the flight planning process. As a real-world pilot, limiting how much weather data I can see at one time, means I must remember or go back and forth, cycling layers to ensure a route that I plan does not end up bypassing one weather event but end up going through another event. Say for example I see in the Radar layer a buildup of precipitation that I want to avoid, but I had to turn off the Turbulence or SIGMET layers and forgot that there was a PIREP for dangerous turbulence around the new re-route segment I was planning. Being able to have a couple more layers visible at one time could help to avoid that omission.

For IFR 121-style ops I might look to have the following layers up, Weather Radar, Significant Weather, SIGMETs, Jet Streams, and Turbulence.

Let me know if this helps explain things further or if you have any other questions.

Thank you!