Import MSFS Flight on to Ipad from MSFS

Hi, not sure if this is the correct place…

I am sure i was able to import a flight plan from MSFS to my IPAD when i used the msfs to plan the route. - I am sure there use to be a option load for MSFS from my ipad and i could see the route on my ipad charts. The only thin

g i can see is my location which is moving… i am installed everything as stated and am sure this worked before the last charts update…

Please does anyone know how to load this . I use the Cirrus jet in msfs … ive attached the photos …

thank you


Please see Charts ipad app no longer pulling flight info


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Thank you Ian, It’s works in game using the panel but not on the iPad… is this something you are working on to get back as I used this a lot as some aircrafts we can’t use simbreif

A lot of times I don’t use simbreif if going for a quick fligh and in an aircraft that doesn’t support simbreif or flight plan input … it use to be a great feature but only works when you use the i game panel and not iPad charts


We never had the possibility to import directly from MSFS to iPad. As Ian says, you can import from MSFS to the Charts In-Game Panel, and when this is done the flight will also appear in the iPad app.



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Thank you will give it a try :slight_smile:

Hello Stephen. Actually before the latest updates, when you create a flight in msfs (add airport info, select ifr, select departure and approach, it will auto pull the route into the charts app on the ipad.

No that has not been a feature. There is direct no link between the native iOS app and your simulator, except simlink (moving maps).

There is a link to the in-game panel version of Charts 8 however, and that one can load your MSFS flight plan. And after it has done so, your Charts iOS app can pick it up.



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Thank you … not sure how it worked before . but great ill do whats been advised… love your amazing software btw :slight_smile: