How do I create a New Flight Plan?

I have downloaded and installed Simbrief. But someone please tell me how I can create a new flightplan?

Thank you.

Claus Jensen

Hi, welcome to SimBrief! We have a tutorial video available here: How to Make a Flight Plan in SimBrief - YouTube

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How do I get to the screen shown in the video:

This is what I get when I click on “Navigraph Charts”:

Hi Claus,

You run SimBrief by opening SimBrief - Dispatch in your Internet Browser - Edge, Chrome etc.


Hello Ian,

More questions:

Is it possible to install a shortcut to the app on my desktop?
I still do not see Simbrief on my cockpit taskbar or opening in the small window in the cockpit (as described in your you tube video)


Hi Claus,

SimBrief is a web based application. So you open the address in your browser Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc. You can save it as a bookmark in your browser.

You can create a shortcut on the desktop with the contents

When you click on it, it will open the browser to that address. It will typically show as the browser icon on the toolbar.



Thank you. I am all set now.


Hi Claus,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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