Now that Navigraph and Simbrief are one, it would be great if Navigraph charts app could read the calculated ETOPS information from Simbrief and plot it on the map display (ETOPS rings of equal time, ETP, Critical fuel point, etc.)

To go along with this, it would be great to have the Jeppesen plotting charts as an available map overlay option.


Any chance the Jeppesen Oceanic/Polar plotting charts will be coming soon? With the A310, and more long-haulers coming soon, it would be great to have a basic plotting function available in the Charts app.

I think it would be more reasonable if we (the pilot) have the ability to set up ETOPS within Navigraph, with the data provided to us by Simbrief.

When we do etops flight simbrief does distance rings between etops entry and exit points, would it be possible to input those onto the route overlay or to create equal time points between two airports on the map. For situational awareness?

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