Error: Invalid response!

Out of nowwhere My simbrief started throwing me this msg. I go to put in my aircraft and this msg pops up all the time.



Can you try again and confirm still happening. Are there any recent changes you have made to creating flight plans? Please post a screenshots showing flight plan input and error using Guide to posting Screenshots.


Please post the link to the N319SB profile.


It does it on any aircraft. It makes no difference. Also the map at the bottom is blue as well as the route finder being blank.

Hi, I can’t reproduce this, so I suspect it’s a browser issue of some sort. It could possibly be due to a browser add-on (for example, adblockers have been known to break certain webpage functionality).

Can you try with a different web browser and see if it still does it?

You could also try pressing F12 to open the developer console, and then triggering the error. There might be some more information in the console that could help us pinpoint the cause. Please take a screenshot if you see any errors in the console.

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I switched from Chrome to Internet explorer and it works fantastic. Thank you for all your help.