EPERM operation not permitted, chmod 'J

By updating Add-on Packages for PMDG and 146 Professional I have the above mesage. How to solve this ,hope you can help
Thanks in advance



This is likely a permissions issue maybe on your Community folder. Please try Unable to update - EPERM chmod 'E.


Hi Sir,
Sorry for the writing, but its not my natal language (in Belgium)
Had search the forum before my ticket and checked this 'EPERM chmod 'E, but couldn’t figure out where it went wrong. In the meantime a find a tempory solution by renaming the Community folder and creating a blank new map, There a made a copy of the 2 aircraft giving the EPERM issue (PMDG 737-800 and 146 BAE Pro). After relaunching Navigraph Hub ,both wend OK. Will now investigate the Community folder (after rename ) to find the problem(s).
Thanks for your support , have a good w-end

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