EIDW RNP16 - which is the real FAF?

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to figure out what the issue is with the RNP16 approach at Dublin/EIDW.

Per the chart, GARTI is the FAF.

Screenshot 2022-10-25 115300

Per the FMS, DW003 is the FAF.

I noted I had no GP indicator approaching GARTI. After passing GARTI, the GP diamond popped up at the BOTTOM of the scale, so I knew we had a mis-match. Then I checked the FMS and the waypoint indicator noted DW003 is the FAF.

I have looked into the database and GARTI is the FAF also in the database, DW003 is a “named stepdown fix” nothing more. That´s also exactly what we offer in our data:

Here a short extraction of the source file:

Sorry, I can´t see any issue in the data.


Thanks Richard. I’ll check with the WT team. This may be a case of waiting out the G3000 refresh.

Thanks Richard, please close. Matt confirmed it’s the G3000 in current form reading the last leg as the FAF incorrectly. It’s already fixed in the new version.

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