Different results for PMS750 import


many thanks for the addition of the PMS 750 to simbrief export!!!

However I get different results using LNM and simBrief.

I have the ollowing small test route:
EDBF/28 DCT 524810N0123919E DCT 524534N0123608E DCT 524236N0125524E DCT EDOI/30

which draws in simbrief the correct plan:

When I export this route in LNM (to PMS) I get the following:


When I export that route through SimBrief (to PMS) I get the following:


So, planning seems to be right with both, but export results in different routes.

I attach both pln files for you, that you can see probably differences.
(Note: I reneamed these files so you can see, which program has created them!)

fpl_LNM.pln (2.1 KB)
fpl_SB.pln (2.4 KB)

Tried another route, not with custom GPS coordinates, but with normal waypoints and this worked.
Will test this further if there’s an issue with custom waypoints

Hi, I’ve updated the format. Please try again and let me know how it works.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the fast support!!!

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