Deleting flights -> Endless "processing"

Usually I delete all flights daily… since the last update hitting the delete button results in a never ending spinning circle … when closing chart’s and restarting all flights were deleted… seems to be something with not quitting the deletion process correctly or the “waiting state of the cursor”

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I can confirm this - it’s the same for me

In my case, selecting one or more flights and clicking on “delete” does nothing at all.


We can confirm this issue. We’re investigating!



This issue should be fixed now on all platforms except iOS (v8.23.0), where we are currently waiting for Apple.
Please have a look to see if it is fixed for you guys and get back to us!

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Yes indeed have the same issue on Mac . Even more ! Working fine but after +_ 20 minutes the link is falling out. Tracking symbol flight on chart disappears. I have to sign in again but link isn’t coming back. I have of course a payed account.

The issue is still apparent on my IPAD Pro
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That is expected, as mentioned here:

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up this process. Sorry for the inconvenience!

iOS Update has been released!

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Indeed! The iOS/iPadOS update was released tonight. This should solve the issue!

Thank you for your patience!

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The app now crashes constantly when trying to import flights from SimBrief.

We’re aware of some crashing issues. Check out this thread for updates:

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