Current AIRAC Cycle

Hi everybody,
I have no issues using the FMS Data Manager, good work, but I like to suggest that the current AIRAC cycle is shown on startup in the FMS window. I haven’t found any information yet. Okay, I can see if the labels are coloured orange that the cycle has expired, but showing up on start how many days are left on the current cycle would be fine. Maybe you can implement this.
Kind regards, Ralf

How about the top right corner “The current AIRAC cycle is XXXX” ?

Hi Ralf,
the current AIRAC cycle is shown on every page:

Here you have a list of the AIRAC release dates:

Hope that helps,

You were faster Stephen :slight_smile: … thank you

can you just show the dates in the manager?

eg; “the current airac cycle is 2103 (25mar21-22apr21)”

Please explain the reason for that? Why would you see the dates in the FMS Data Manager?

Normally, you start the manager one time, when you update all your addons and that´s normally at the beginning of a cycle period. When you want to know, when a new period starts, there are several places where you can found these exact date (see my link above).

Sorry, but I don´t understand the reason for this additional information …

precisely for that reason, so i dont have to go look elsewhere.

seems like a no brainer to me but what do i know… its a nav data updater – it should show the dates of when to update

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