Cost Index for climb and descent

Hi there.

Are there any plans to incorporate climb and descend profiles with cost index for the common aircraft as opposed to the fixed speed/mach schedules available now?
The data should be available somewhere at least for the ‘usual suspects’ like the A320 or 737 series, one should think.

In my experience that isn’t the case unfortunately. Cost index data for climb/descent is basically non-existent. Even cost index data for cruise is very difficult to find, but if you find some let me know!

Even if the data was found for one aircraft, it still might not be worth the development time if it would only benefit 1 aircraft type. The other issue is that it just doesn’t make much difference. Typically a minute or 2 at the most, and very little difference in fuel between climbing at CI 0 and CI 100 for example.

Long story short, nothing’s impossible, but it isn’t in the roadmap for now.