Confusion between ChinaCargoAirline and ChinaAirlineCargo

I am using SimToolKitPro, and when I use the airline route search function of that software, it seems that when I search for ChinaCargoAirlines (Chinese company, ICAO:CKK), it is confused with ChinaAirlinesCargo (Taiwanese company, ICAO:CAL). (Taiwanese company, ICAO:CAL).
ChinaCargoAirlines is a stand-alone company with the call sign of CKK, but ChinaAirlinesCargo is a division of ChinaAirlines with the same call sign as CAL, the passenger division.
Is it possible to fix this mistake?

Hi, I think this is something you should contact SimToolkitPro support about. SimBrief does not control this aspect of SimToolkitPro.

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I understand.
I will try opening a support ticket in SimToolKitPro.
Thank you very much.

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