Charts not working Honda Jet

Since the last update to the Honda Jet charts won’t work


The latest HJet release is now based on MSFS AAU1 and hence has lost the Charts and Simbrief integration just like the default Garmins and CJ4. Navigraph are waiting for documentation from Working Title, so we can re introduce Charts integration.



Hi Ian,

Got the same issue there that it don`t work sinve last update 25th March nothing happens.

But it works good in the CJ4 :slight_smile:

Is in any fix for it so far?

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This is now work in progress. We are building a mod that will bring Charts to the AAU1-based G3000 unit.



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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Then we just need to wait, I use foreflight so have charts but so much easier with them in the cockpit on the screens :slight_smile:

Are you able to say if this update will release this month maybe?

We indeed hope so!


Hi there, has this been actioned now? I’m having the same issue with the HJet but know that other G3000 planes - eg the Cessna Longitude - are now compatible following avionics update 1. Would be great if the HJet was also compatible. Cheers

None of my aircraft are allowing me to use my Navigraph charts. Has this issue been addressed yet?
I have no database for the Citation, Honda Jet, or the TDM.

Navigraph, please advise.

Same problem. Only installed the Honda yesterday and was a bit miffed that after following the tutorial, I found that I couldn’t bring up the charts. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll fix it eventually. In the meantime, my second monitor is very handy, lol.

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The HJet has not been updated to include our plugin yet. They are working on it!

As for the others, they should work - but only on PC. We are in contact with MS and making efforts to bring our plugin to XBox too, but for now the TBM and Longitude are not supported on XBox.

Are you saying that the plugin does not work on PC, even after installing it through the Navigraph Hub?

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No, I am only referring to Xbox. PC seemingly has enough people clapping for it. Xbox, as per usual is being left behind.


Not sure if you are implying that Navigraph is purposefully leaving XBox behind, but if that is indeed the case - I can assure you that this is not the case. Up until FSExpo, Navigraph products were not allowed on the Marketplace. After some in-person discussions, they are now looking at the possibility of including us, but we have no final answer and/or solution yet!

Rest assured that we will try to get the plugin in there as soon as that becomes a possibility. We are not leaving XBox behind.

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The Navigraph plugin with SimBrief and Charts integrations has now been included in the HJet as well!

Please update to the newest version. If there are any other follow-up issues, please create new topics!

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