Charts incapable of plotting route: PADU DUT J115 SYA PASY

It is impossible to plot a route going from Cold Bay Alaska (PADU) to Shemya Alaska (PASY) using route J115, I think it is getting confused because the “ADK” and “SYA” waypoints that are part of the route have the same name for both the VOR and NBD at those locations.

I’ve also tried the following which doesn’t work:

  • PADU DUT ADK SYA PASY (full route no airway)
  • PADU DUT J115 ADK PASY (this works by itself but it’s impossible to add waypoint SYA into the route after)
  • PADU ADK SYA PASY (doesn’t work at all)

We’re investigating.

This should normally work. I am thinking it might be an issue related to the crossing of the dateline in combination with something else.

Please standby.


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