Can I embed some Navigraph charts in a video editing?


Can I embed some charts (4 or 5) in a (youtube) video ? For exemple, during an approach, display the STAR charts some seconds ?


I think I have my answer :

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1. Charts and Screenshots
Only charts and screenshots sent out via press releases, or otherwise on the website marked as cleared for dissemination, may be reprinted, displayed online or used in video. All other usage in articles, reviews, tutorials, in print, online, and in videos, is only permitted after separate written agreement.



This is covered at a newly created page at Brand-Guidelines


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Very Thanks, that exactly what I’m looking for.

So I have to put “Copyright © 2021 Navigraph / Jeppesen” mention on charts, that all ?

And can I hide “Charts linked to Navigraph account ___________ (email)” on the side ? I don’t want show my email adress.


Yes, include the copyright, remove your email if you wish, and make sure:
If you scale or crop the charts such that the red warning text no longer is visible, you must add the following warning text:

“Navigraph Charts are intended for flight simulation use only, not for navigational use.”


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