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I am asking here because I did not find a dev forum.
I want to integrate Navigraph map tiles with my c# wpf desktop application. I have been looking at the documentation, but I can’t find where I register my app and get the client_id and secret for the device authorization call.

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Please see the restrictions page: Restrictions | Navigraph Developer Portal

No Charts in Desktop Apps

Furthermore, while the API offers great flexibility, we do not permit Charts API implementations in applications that resemble the functionality available in Navigraph Charts.

Thanks for understanding!

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I did read the restrictions.
I don’t intend to use charts. Only map tiles.
The application is a logbook. It already has different maps - bing, osm, otm and even sky vector.
It’s not a replacement for Navigraph in any way, doesn’t have flight planning even.
But i thought that if the user has a Navigraph subscription, it would be nice to offer Navigraph tiles.

The tiles (enroute charts) fall under the Charts API umbrella, as mentioned here:

Unfortunately, this means that your implementation is not permitted with our current rules.

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I understand.
I think the policy is wrong though, you should reconsider. You are selling a service. You should not shy away from similar applications. The users still need to have a Navigraph subscription, and there are different ways to use your data. It increases the use cases for Navigraph data.


We are currenlty not reconsidering that only Navigraph desktop apps can render Jeppesen charts and enroute charts / tiles.

Having said that, you may render basic enroute maps yourself using Navigraph Navigation Data, which for example Little Navmap, FS Navigator, FS Commander, Orbx Volanta and other tools are doing.



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